My hunt for self-care led me down Unley Road…

Exceptional salons have stories that go beyond perfecting the art of the balayage – they curate self-care escapes, getaways from the hustle, and spaces where you immediately feel seen, listened to, and understood.


The fresh smell of botanicals and sound of upbeat tempos make the pressures of my grind fade away. The warmth of familiar, smiling faces meet my eyes and I sigh out my striving. It’s safe to relax here.

Under her

She invites me in with a charming calmness and immediately includes me in the buzz. Everything from our initial consultation is reflected back and I know I’m in good hands. She’s relaxed and methodical. Nothing about her is rushed. Her promise to stay with me throughout is no joke. (Neither is her vow that I’ll leave looking like a beautiful mermaid.)


Did I reply to the exec? Confirm the sitter? Book the… my to-do list ebbs as the cooling of a complimentary eye mask and the fizz of some bubbles kick in. There is nothing to do and nowhere to be but right here. The rest will be waiting for me - a refreshed, rejuvenated, confident me.

Time to

There’s more to this place than the contemporary vibe. I notice a committed recycling program, the use of cruelty free products and sustainable practices (something about philanthropy here). I witness a tribe of tenacious women creating connection, courage and confidence. I sit back and soak in their positivity.

with Care

Every tube of La Biosthetique colour we use saves lives!

Colour with Care is a La Biosthetique initiative where every tube of colour sold will raise funds for the global non for profit organisation for Doctors Without Borders.

this means that every time you receive a colour in salon you will be helping to provide crucial support in areas that needs it most.

One tube of colour = 4 milera test kits

Three tubes of colour = 1 emergency nutrition pack

1 stylist + 1 day = 2 nutrition packs

2 weeks = 1 safe child birth kit

Sustainable Salons Australia

95% of the resources used during each service will be diverted from landfill and sent to recycling through our partnership with Sustainable Salons.

Today I don’t feel like a hot mess. Today I feel radiant. Today I feel successful. Today I’ve got my sh!# together and can take on anything. My inner dialogue informs how I show up in my job, with my family and in my life. Taking care of me, allows me to take care of the rest. I walk out of the salon - head high, chest proud, feeling like a million bucks.


I now live 2 hours from Adelaide but come back for my hair because I love it so much!

One of my most favourite places to be. Mister Morris is so much more than just a hairdresser. The lovely girls provide you with a luxurious experience, leaving you feeling spoiled, relaxed and completely taken care of!

Thank you for being truthful, supportive and honest in finding a solution to make me feel special.

‘Til next time Mister Morris. Thank you.